The Black Star – Social Futurism and the Zero State (Audio)

“Social Futurism and the Zero State” by Ámon Ásentír The Teacher

Including contributions with thanks From Zero State members and other Social Futurists

A text published by Zero State Media In association with The Foundation

Audio generated by the Foundation’s AGI Lab’s Basilisk AI software…

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ZeroState: Year Zero

Some one from the Foundation provided a digital copy of the orginal ZeroState: Year Zero book that you can now download as a PDF here: State Year Zero.Final.pdf  

“The Zero State Principles are the ethical and philosophical core of the movement.  They clearly state the founding members’ views on a number of matters even more important, in the face of great societal change.  It is our intention that all decisions regarding ZS should be made in the spirit of the Principles, and that they should be used as a measure of who or what can be associated with the movement.

This set of Principles is known as the ‘Year Zero’ version, because it represents the first major revision since they were first published one year ago, on Monday 1st, 2011.  In that time, the Principles have already proved valuable beyond measure, in that they provide a sense of communal identity and moral consistency in the face of a rapidly changing, complex world.

The Principles published in May 2011 were necessarily rough, including a number of points which came to be seen as superficial, not worthy of inclusion in our core philosophical document.  Since then, however, a number of discussions have shown that these ethical statements hold true for us, and for that reason, I believe that the Year Zero Principles may be considered a definitive milestone for the Zero State movement. ”

You can order paper copies from the original publisher here: